Current PhD Supervisions as Primary Supervisor

Simeon Taylor, PhD Candidate, Designing Virtual Environments for Autobiographical Memory Recall in Reminiscence Therapy, Deakin University

Current PhD Supervisions as Associate Supervisor

Zhuying Li, PhD Candidate, Understanding the Design of Ingestible Play, Monash University

Jonathan Marquez, PhD Candidate, Games in Language Learning, RMIT University

PhD Completions as Primary Supervisor

Dr. Lauren Ferro, 2017, Project.ID Investigating the relationship between game design and personality to promote intrinsic motivation, RMIT University

Dr. Sven Krome, 2017, Gameful and Playful Stresslessness in the Automotive Domain, RMIT University

Dr. Fatma Al-Amri, 2016, Towards a Knowledgeable Society; Motivating Omani Children to Read for Pleasure, RMIT University

Dr. Marigo Raftopoulos, Towards responsible and sustainable enterprise gamification: Developing a Minimum Viable Design for strategic innovation, RMIT University

Dr. Joshua Batty, 2015, Audiovisual Granular Synthesis; Creating Synergistic Relationships Between Sound and Image, RMIT University

Dr. Naman Thakar, 2015, A Design-Led Investigation of Augmented Reality; A Case of AR for Board Games, RMIT University